Running into an issue with registered code components

also I’m running into an issue with code components as well, it’s works as expected in the preview, but once it is deployed or if I check out the repository from github and run next dev it doesn’t. I basically becomes a div
(I’m sure it is that, since I can see the component name between the classes)
EDIT: this was a user error never mind me :sweat_smile:

Hey @conservation_sheep, can you share the code you are using to make the component registration (i.e., the registerComponent call)?

PLASMIC.registerComponent(URLParser, {
  name: "URLParser",
  props: {
    config: 'object',
    showInEditor: 'boolean'

I have a couple more code component, this is the simplest, but maybe it was related to the other bug since it worked yesterday…

in half an our I can test it again and get back to you

Can you try adding a importPath to your registerComponent call? (more info:

is it ok if I pm you?

Of course!