Seems to be an empty additional element getting injected mysteriously

In plasmic, our footer looks like this (image 1), but on the site it looks like image 2. It looks like an additional, empty <p> is injected between the title and body for each of the items during render. See the highlighted line in image 3
Image 4 shows the component that is instantiated twice in the images… Only 3 top-level items should be rendered for each compnent, but as can be seen in image 3, there are actually 4. Image 5 shows one of the instantiations of the component

This can be found in project k5wi36LTCNmnJb5rh2sgis,. Component Section: Footer: Blog Post, instantiated in Section: Footer, instantiated in page Nav: Footer




Section: Footer : Blog Post, could you try switching the p to a div? This looks like a hydration bug we have right now when you have a slot target inside a p :confused:

@chungwu that fixed it. Thank you. Note that I am not hydrating at all right now for this page… Just rendering it (am only hydrating pages that really need it…). There are a bunch of other rendering issues e.g. when you put a

inside a

… which you should never do, but plasmic does not complain… it only breaks on render.

Yup… We’re working on some lining features that will catch these issues earlier!