Segmentation targeting and scheduled content

Hey everyone!

First of all, I would like to say I am anesthetized for how good is plasmic.
I am considering implementing it together with our new ecommerce frontend app (we have a very high number of orders $), and this would be great for our marketing and growth team, as they will have incredible freedom.
I’ve been playing around with plasmic, but I still have some doubts about it so I really appreciate it if you guys could help me with that.
My idea is to use it with the Headless API (precisely for the marketing and growth freedom), and write some components on our side like (collections, products, etc. so the designer will be free to do all the magic). So most pages, including Homepage, Catalog, Product, etc (excluding checkout phase, where we still can use components from plasmic) would be handled by the Headless API and plasmic.

After a short brief, here comes the first question: the storefront view depends on which location/postcode the user is in. so for instance, the homepage and banner may change depending on which location/postcode the user typed. would be this possible to somehow use pages from plasmic? (Multiple Index page, etc)

Second question: is there any place where I can see the Schedule deploy working? its very important for us, since our marketing team is always launching campaigns where the colors, banners, and texts can change, and it always has time to start and end

Thank you veery much! I am looking forward to implement Plasmic in our new solution!

Hi @old_bug, great to have you! Thanks for sharing that very helpful context about your use case (and for the kind words!).

  1. Yes, you can personalize your designs by adding either variants or copies of the page/component (and then from your code, you can dispatch to the correct variant based on location or any other conditions). You can also decide how you want that to happen, such as via SSR or (more recommended) using something like edge middleware available on Vercel to return the correct pre-rendered variant for optimal performance. We can help give you more guidance on how to do this.
  2. Yes, for scheduled content, you can again use variants or clones of pages. Your users can then attach metadata to the page to specify when a certain variant should be rendered, which your code querying the headless API can use. (We are also actively building some UI to make this common use case easier for the marketing team to specify—please LMK if you’re interested in getting Early Access, ETA in the next couple weeks.)
    Please let us know however we can be helpful—we’re also happy to help you build a small POC of the above in the context of your codebase.

wonderful! thanks a lot yang! for now I am just doing researchs and focusing on our backend, but in the next weeks, when I will be focusing on the frontend, I will certainly contact you guys. thaaankss