"Select" component not working after page navigation.

The default “Select” component stops to working after page navigation. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create blank project in Plasmic Studio;
  2. Add a second page to project, name it “Page 2” and set path to “page-2”;
  3. Add “Navbar” from template blocks and set links properly;
  4. Add “Select” component to Homepage;
  5. Publish the project to Github Pages;

At the first load everything is fine, but when you navigate to page 2 and go back to homepage, the “Select” component stops to working. Seems to be an issue on the “Overlay” sub component.

Published example: https://plasmic-tests-leobatista.plasmic.site
GitHub project: GitHub - leobatista/plasmic-tests
Plasmic Studio: Plasmic