Sending form data from Plasmic to Pipedream

Hi everyone, I’m having trouble sending form data from Plasmic to Pipedream and then returning a response into a text box. Help required!

Hey, @gallant_clownfish! Could you please explain the issue you’re having? Also, could you provide me with your project ID?

Thanks Samuel


I just dont know what script to write to send http data to Pipedream and return http data back to plasmic. I’m more used to tools like zapier where the integrations are pre-built and you can just pick the fields

but I really like the look of plasmic so happy to dive in!

Great! We have this documentation about forms in Plasmic:

For integrations that we can infer the schema (e.g. Postgres), you can connect your form to the data table directly to write and generate the schema directly.

For your case, an HTTP connection, you will need to manually create the form fields and the submit action.

I noticed that you’re passing the form’s value through the params. Usually, we would pass this as the body of the POST request.

To read the HTTP data returned by the POST request, you can add a new action to your Submit interaction that reads the result of the POST action.

Here’s an example

This is really good, I will give it another try and let you know!