Slot context unaware in component

Having an issue where one of my slots has become unaware of it’s context from component

here you’ll see the image, but the product DataProvider is missing. None of the providers are there actually

this is a blocker for me right now @chungwu

@victor can you take a look?

Hi @efficient_pelican! Sorry, what do you mean by the provider is missing? The Shopify.Product code component is providing data but the provided data doesn’t show up (when using dynamic values)?

example. it’s a slot.

if you want to huddle i can show you screenshare

oh, is it only showing the data in a some places, but in some other places it isn’t?

yes exactly - so I have a Product Template component that has a slot for the image

and inside the product template component it’s fine. but from a product page (that has just a single Product Template) - the slot image doesn’t see it’s context

thanks, we’re working on a fix

ok great thanks

should be fixed!