Some variant combos on component instances not applying until clicked

If you have multiple variants on a component, some (especially responsive) changes don’t apply until you actually create an artboard for the combination and click the element. Here’s an example case:
We have a Footer component with variant locale (single-choice) with 3 options and then screen variants on top of that. On our default locale the responsive columns wrap on mobile screen size, but not on another locale that doesn’t have a combination artboard of locale + mobile screen size. We end up with squeezed icons in this case due to no wrapping (trustpilot widget should be above the payment option icons)

You can fix this issue by creating a combination artboard and clicking the columns element (see video) but if we end up with more variant combinations that’ll get out of hand pretty quickly. The logic clearly is correct there - If you look at the video attached, I’m not actually doing any changes to the styles, I’m just selecting the columns element, but it doesn’t apply until I do that.


Thanks for the report, we’ll take a look into it

Thanks! If you remember to ping me or this thread if/when it’s fixed that would be great :smile: