Switching between local and production development app hosts

I just got local development setup, and while I think local dev is really cool, there are large swaths of time where I’m not actively “working” on code components, and I want to just log in and change things without running my dev environment, or log in and change things on someone else’s laptop.

Idea: It would be nice if, when the local dev environment isn’t detected, it falls back to the remote version somehow temporarily? What do you think?

Hi @innovative_grouse! You in fact don’t need local dev running if you aren’t working on the code components - you can simply point the app host to a production URL instance of your app.

That’s “normally” where the project is pointing and where edits take place. This way, other collaborators on your team (including non-developers) can make edits.

You can see more here: https://docs.plasmic.app/learn/app-hosting/#app-host-in-production

Also, over time, you may want to go back to updating your code components. In that case, the recommended workflow is this: https://docs.plasmic.app/learn/registering-code-components/#evolving-code-components-over-time

Let me know if that helps!

hmmm… I guess my thought here, is that I want both. I may boot up my local dev environment to make a code component or 2, and then once they’re done and registered, then I want to go back to remote editing. Why should me developing code components force everyone editing that project to go into that mode?

I feel like you should be able to do both modes without explicitly needing to switch between them. Does that make sense?

It shouldn’t! The second link describes a workflow where you isolate your changes to your own copy of the project.

oh, you clone a version of the project. Yeah….

That isolation is important not just for maintaining access to the project for others, but also important for you to test out your in-flight schema changes without breaking things for others either.

(We’ll want to make that “local clone” workflow more formalized in the UI eventually, but it’ll be the same idea.)

that makes sense. It feels a bit messy though, for a bunch of different reasons. It feel like it would be easier to “pin” yourself to a specific version of the site in the editor of the site, if the editor supported that?

I also feel like I’d clone the project, and then forget that it’s just for code, and start making layout changes in it or something

Hopefully I’m not being too picky here, I think cloning it makes sense for now.

Not at all, great suggestions - keep it coming! We’re still iterating on the exact UX, will relay this to the team. (But for now hopefully this unblocks you)

it does, thank you :raised_hands: and thanks for the responses!