Toggle prop defaults to off when added

I’ve run into this many times and it’s always confused me. When adding Toggle or boolean props to components, if the default value of the toggle is set to true, when adding the component to a page the toggle will show as off/false, although it displays on the page as on/true (as intended). So if I want to set the prop to false, I have to first check it and uncheck it for it to take effect on the page.

Is this intended? Wouldn’t it make more sense that if a prop defaults to true, its toggle should be “on” when added to a page?

Aside the fact that it’s visually misleading, if a props is true by default, it should take only one click to toggle it to “off” (not two clicks).

Here’s a step by step repro of the issue:

Hey @exhaustive_panther! Thanks for reporting it.
It should be fixed now

Awesome, thanks!