Tried publishing example site to git and got internal server error

Morning all, I tried publishing the same example site to git amd just called it new-repo and here is the error?

Unexpected error
Error: post /github/repos failed: Internal Server Error

newest version of the software also.

can you refresh and try again?

Yes, going to try now. Also is there a way to permanently stayed connected to github? I have to reconnect every time.

it was probably happening due to the error - after successfully connecting you should be able to publish new changes afterwards without re-connecting

Trying it now, will let you know. One second.

still getting this

Unexpected error
Error: get /github/detect/edub9/Agri-Mation-website failed [404/4]: status error data {“branch”:“main”,“installationId”:30386112,“dir”:“”,“token”:“ghu_pesoGTw49rLFx2sYuBki957povgUfK1Na8bp”}

and this

The specified directory does not contain a valid package.json.

just sent you a DM