Trouble integrating Zapier and Plasmic forms.

Hi - I’m creating a simple html form (not using the Ant component) and trying to integrate with Zapier. I’ve had difficulty getting test requests to appear in zapier and for the few requests that did go through, it’s not passing any of the form data. Are there any guides out there that show how to integrate zapier and forms in plasmic?

I would love a guide as well and clarification on how how to solve these two styling challenges:

  1. reducing Slot: “label” height when no label is required
  2. reducing space above form submit button

@inviting_junglefowl do you mean it’s only sometimes calling the zapier trigger?

We are definitely working on better docs and more videos around this!

@sensible_rat there is a prop to turn off label, and for the form submit, there is currently some glitchiness with spacing within the form, but if you set a gap on the form or set margin on its children then this should go away

@yang - we were able to get tests to appear in zapier by adding a search param to the integration. But even then none of the data came through. I’m sure we’re missing something somewhere so any kind of step by step guide would be appreciated!

Quick update - so I was able to get this working by adding the webhook as the form action

@inviting_junglefowl nice! We will be working on easing the steep learning curve :sweat_smile: