Trying to customize the storefront template, but confused about where product data is coming from

Hello I’m trying to customize the commerce storefront template and I’m really confused about where the product data is coming from

There is an imported commerce package I can’t access, I suspect it’s in there

but very, very confusing

my only solution going forward is to remove and recreate the component

since it’s currently impossible to edit the photos / products… and the mechanism for providing new stuff is also so frustratingly obfuscated

I hope its just me not reading the right docs or missing something obvious

Hey @classical_cod. We have in our component store integrations with commerce providers. For this starter, we are using the Swell provider, and we linked with one of our test stores.

This is helpful, where / how can I see the connection to Swell in the project?

or if I had my own thing, where would I change the connection from your default store?

You can change in the project settings tab

ok that makes sense, so my options are either set up a different swell store or recreate the component

at least I understand what/where to edit now thanks