Unable to enter Taiga project and 500 errors.

We have two problems and not sure whether they are linked:

  1. I can´t enter in our project Taiga main page (tCiHrevukAkqjPXykqTYjQ) in one Chrome browser, but I can in another
  2. In parallel the same project creates a 500 in production for one page (https://taiga.io/es/pricing-cloud) but not in staging (https://taiga-staging.io/es/pricing-cloud) while the last version if published for both
    We don´t understand what is happening and whether the problems are linked

since when you are facing this issue?

what do you mean by 500 - do you mean when it is rendering it, it is receiving 500 from plasmic?

Hi Ankit, Chung, we restarted the production environment and both problems got solved

Actually only problem 2 (the 500 error is solved). We still have the problem the studio is not opening the project in one place (but it is working in the other browser logged in with another email)