Unable to override text in a variant

Hello! Possible that a bug may be preventing users from editing text overrides in a variant? Thanks! Project rqvRn7YZTv41mc6iYcxncW Variant Notes / Design in most pages.


Hello @easy_jellyfish! We usually show this card when you’re trying to edit the text in a variant artboard but not recording the variant. If we allowed this operation, you would be editing the text in the variant you’re recording and not in the one you’re focused. In most cases, this isn’t what the user want, so we thought it would be more intuitive to forbid it.

Here is a video showing this. As you can see, when I stop recording the A variant and try to edit the text, I receive that message.

Please let me know if this helps you.

Thank you, Samuel. Hmm. This is what I see when editing / recording the variant itself - not the base.

Also please note that I have been unable to rely on the Drift messaging system. Logging in from a different device, no chat history was retained.

Can you send me a record/screenshot of what you’re trying to do? It will help me to reproduce.

@samuel Sent.

The fix should be up now! Thanks @easy_jellyfish

Seems to be working now. Thank you!