Unable to use DataProvider with dynamic values: "No dynamic data available"

Trying to use DataProvider and Dynamic Values with a child Text component. I get the message “No dynamic data available.”

Component code

import { DataProvider } from "@plasmicapp/loader-nextjs";

export function DataProviderContainer({ children, test }) {

  return (
        data={`hello world ${test}`}>

Hey @injured_landfowl! Did you add providesData: true to your component registration?

PLASMIC.registerComponent(DataProviderContainer, {
  providesData: true,

Hi @tiago thank you for the response. That worked!

I was following the documentation on: https://docs.plasmic.app/learn/data-code-components

It does not mention needing that prop in the component registration. Instead it makes it seem like just having the DataProvider component is all you need. See section: “Using fetched data in dynamic value expressions”

Just wondering did I miss the providesData prop in another area of the documentation? Thanks again!

Oh, indeed that documentation page is misleading right now! Thank you for pointing that. We will improve it to add that information. The data context will not work unless providesData is specified in component registration.

oh cool. Thanks!