Unexpected error after reloading project

I just got a red message/prompt that a new version is available and that I need to reload the project. After reloading, I now get this unexpected error which did not occur before:


It seems to happen on any page, as soon as the page loads and whenever anything is selected inside the page (or the page is active/highlighted blue)

Thank you for reporting it. I’m working on a fix

Got another prompt to reload for new version and now the error is gone. Bliss! Thanks.

@samuel Oh well, it was short lived. I got a couple more reload prompts since, and now the error reappeared. :beetle:

Yeah I have the same problem

Yeah, it’s very strange, it seems to come and go randomly when I reload projects, even if it’s the same project being reloaded.

Yes! We have identified the issue, and a fix is on its way.