Use Plasmic to edit a landing page that was built in React?

Hey, fellow…Plasmicers? Plasmas…?
Anyway. I am thinking to contract a dev to rebuild some landing pages of my existing app in React, from scratch, and then use plasmic in the future to redesign/tweak the landing pages as and when I need to.
I just wanted to check - will Plasmic work in this use case?
Before I green light the dev to build.

Hey @young_newt!

Plasmic can’t edit pages that were already built in code, since these could be arbitrarily abstract/complex. They have to have been built in Plasmic.

However, you can optionally make components from your codebase available as building blocks that you can drag and drop in Plasmic. So these could be sections, design system components, etc. that you assemble into the full page.

You can check out partners to look for help with Plasmic. We can also provide a few recommendations on partners we’ve worked with for building out landing pages in Plasmic.

Ah. Interesting.
Thanks for clarifying that. That’s helpful.