Very verbose CSS


Lots of style tokens I don’t recognize are included in our render, including references to font-families “Inconsolata” and “Inter”. See snippet above. Where are these coming from? We are including the plasmic-basic-components package… but I don’t see why that should be adding these styles…

This project:

It might be due to an old export that is being re-imported through our own components… Investigating…

Just tracked this down, it looks like a bug…

There are also font-includes along with this that are probably included for the same reason… @yang.Would be great to get this cleaned up. Every byte counts :slightly_smiling_face:

@yang Ran into the same issue. Only we are facing some legal issues because of user consent with the usage of google fonts.

Consent Management Tools would need the code snippet included in their configurations to only load after the user as given consent. But since this is injected automatically we can’t control the loading. Could it get priority for resolution?

Area of effect: EU

Hi @very_crab, this is something on our radar, we eventually want to host Google fonts on our own cdn

But for now my recommendation is to opt out of loader’s automatic font loading and replace it with your own front loading CSS which sources a copy of the fonts from your own servers, which eliminates communication with Google servers

@yang how do we opt out of this?





Thanks @rear_vole for bringing it up
Thanks @yang for a solid solution!