warning Calling PlasmicComponentLoader.registerSubstitution() after Plasmic component has rendered

I’m getting a lot of this:

warning Calling PlasmicComponentLoader.registerSubstitution() after Plasmic component has rendered; starting over.

What does it mean? Should I fix this somehow? I’m using Plasmic with Gatsby

Hello @spicy_lamprey. We recommend adding your component substitution in the plasmic-ini.ts file, in the initPlasmicLoaderWithRegistrations function that initiates the loader. Can you check if the code substitution is being done this way please?

So in plasmic-init.ts I have

export function initPlasmicLoaderWithRegistrations(plasmicOptions: InitOptions) {
  // component registration here

And then I have 4 Gatsby pages using plasmic components:
• defaultPlasmicPage (this is basically copy pasted from docs and works as expected)
• 3 other pages where I use Plasmic components. I’ll paste some of the Plasmic relevant code here:

import React from 'react';
import { PlasmicComponent, PlasmicRootProvider } from '@plasmicapp/loader-gatsby';
import { initPlasmicLoaderWithRegistrations } from '../plasmic-init';

export const query = graphql`
  query {
    plasmicComponents(componentNames: ["ArticleTemplate", "Button"])

const PlasmicArticlePage: React.FunctionComponent<Props> = ({ data, pageContext }) => {
  const { plasmicComponents, plasmicOptions } = data;
  return (
         { /* other stuff here */ }

export default PlasmicArticlePage;

Now whenever I navigate on the site I get that warning, I think it might be because I run initPlasmicLoaderWithRegistrations on each page - but if I don’t run it on each page that I will for example not have my NavBar (It’s a code component that’s used by the ArticleTemplate component)

Should I instead run the initPlasmicLoaderWithRegistrations on some other level? TBH I’m not really sure if this is an issue but ofc warnings in console never look good :smile:

PS. Maybe I shouldn’t post on Friday considering the time zone difference from Finland :joy: