What prop type for code components that have an `as` tag

I am registering all the components of https://nextui.org/ into Plasmic.
All the components have a as property that allows me to redefine the html tag to be rendered.

How should I register such property in Plasmic? Can Plasmic Studio provide the same Tag dropdown for the as property?


Hey Victor! Unfortunately not. You can register an option type in each component using a shared function/variable

I can share our Tag list

export const TAG_TO_DISPLAY_NAME = {
div: "Box",
button: "Button",
a: "Link",
h1: "H1",
h2: "H2",
h3: "H3",
h4: "H4",
h5: "H5",
h6: "H6",
hgroup: "Heading group",
address: "Address",
article: "Article",
aside: "Aside",
blockquote: "Blockquote",
cite: "Citation",
code: "Code",
dl: "Description list",
dt: "Term",
dd: "Description",
figure: "Figure",
figcaption: "Figure caption",
footer: "Footer",
form: "Form",
label: "Label",
ul: "Unordered list",
ol: "Ordered list",
li: "List item",
header: "Header",
main: "Main",
nav: "Nav",
p: "Paragraph",
pre: "Pre",
section: "Section",
span: "Span",
input: "Input",
textarea: "Text area",

thank you!