When importing Figma into Plasmic, colors become desaturated

While using Plasmic’s plugin to import content from Figma, the colors become significantly desaturated.
I have experienced this on all images of my project.

Hi, does the image have any layer effect in figma ? You can add Saturate in Filter Effect in the right sidebar, but this seems to be an issue with the figma importer, could you provide more information on the issue ?

It’s not a problem with saturation only. That was just an oversimplification from my side.

The quality in general is just lower. Overall, things seem to be lower quality.

what surprises most is that even text stuff got desaturated.

I see, some features aren’t currently supported by the figma importer, for example the “Angular” effect that’s applied to the image, about the text I am not sure what is happening, did the font change after imported ?

the font is fine. Both are set as Inter