Where in Plasmic can you set a form input?

Where in Plasmic Studio can you set a form input FieldID?
I’m working on an internal interface that has to talk to an api.

You can do the following,

• Create a form container if you haven’t already done so. Insert a normal vertical stack, and change its HTML tag to form.
• Insert inside of that a text input. Set its name to field ID
For this form, are you trying to make it submit via a JavaScript web request?

@yang Yes I need to submit via a JavaScript web request.

GET <https://wf-dev.shift4.com/Primary/restapi/Flow/3e7d33b1-6ff9-11ed-aaab-0e1d8cb44bd9?outputtype=RawJson&FileID=null>

POST <https://wf-dev.shift4.com/Primary/restapi/Flow/1f33fc36-70b8-11ed-aaab-0e1d8cb44bd9>

This is a somewhat more elaborate example showing how to build a custom form component that uses JavaScript to handle the submission event, upon which it just alerts the user: https://github.com/plasmicapp/plasmic/tree/master/examples/dynamic-multistep-forms