Would love to see ability to set favicon for Plasmic hosted sites

OK, it seems like you are unable to do so, I think. Therefore, can I possibly advocate for this feature? Like I have said, this is most likely the only thing keeping us from switching to Plasmic, since the rest is really great. Thank you in advance.

I confirm that this jumping between code and ui is not efficient for me either. I’m finding my self spending more time trying to achieve something simple.

Also, I want to add 2 extra items here if anyone will take this thread as feedback:

  1. The lack of video assets is also a drawback.
  2. The lack of receiving code changes in the Plasmic UI is also annoying. This results in many repetitive tasks where, for example you updated the source of a video with the one from local, but then you lose it because there is not way in the UI to do that. This one is linked to any of the above, but is available also for other scenarios like tokens (font setup which is more flexible in the code, with the fallbacks), favicon…

Thank you, @changing_roundworm and @impressive_cardinal. That’s very good feedback.

@impressive_cardinal Exactly! Plasmic’s functionality is, frankly, really great, and it would certainly fulfill all of our needs…except for changing the favicon, which I believe is pretty essential and mandatory.