404 error after publishing

Hello! I have been having an issue where I keep getting a 404 error every time I publish a project. I tried deleting certain things (like the packages in the imported projects section), but it still hasn’t fixed the issue. Hoping I can get some help with fixing this! Thanks :slight_smile:

Project URL: Plasmic
Published Link: https://clairissa.plasmic.run/

Hi, thanks for reporting - this is our bad, we’ll dig into it!

Hi @clairissa_chin! I’m sorry for the delay to respond; this should now be fixed once you re-publish the project. LMK if any issue persists.

Hey y’all,
I felt it redundant to make a new thread since this one’s relatively new, but I’ve had the same persistent issue as well.
Publishing to Plasmic Hosting results in a 404 page at the subdomain xats.plasmic.run as well as the custom domain xats.cc
Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hi, this was because you don’t have a page at the root path (/).

The only page is at /core:


But there is another issue - how did you create this project?

It is importing the plasmic-chakra-ui project, which should not be publicly available! Once you remove this, the issue should be fixed. But I’m curious how it got in there in the first place.