502 error deploying to Vercel: FALLBACK_BODY_TOO_LARGE

Hello, I am having an issue deploying to vercel. It shows a 502 error with the message FALLBACK_BODY_TOO_LARGE. Has someone else experienced this before?

I was having a similar issue a few weeks ago: https://plasmiccommunity.slack.com/archives/C025BC1JJAX/p1647207568716839 (not exactly the same though)

Thank you. I’ll take a look @numerous_snake

Unfortunately no luck, I’ve tried that and also increased staticPageGenerationTimeout in next.config.js to 180 secs and continue getting timed out. Any other hints?

Are you still seeing this after setting preview: false?

Yes, unfortunately @chungwu

The requests that I’m seeing from the server logs seem to be requesting the preview version still :thinking_face: