"504 error when syncing clone project"

hey Plasmic team,
I’m seeing a 504 error when trying to sync a clone project via CLI:
the project ID is iRtWmd5VpPNjBhQT2VxRLa
thanks for the help :slightly_smiling_face:

ah I believe things are timing out from downloading the images used in this project…

will work on a fix

thanks @chungwu!

(I think this should work now!)

that was quick, thanks!

i was testing it out and received 503 messages, I think it may be a different thing?

sorry; could you try that again?

hey @chungwu sorry just got around to testing this

thanks for the fix!

i no longer get 503 nor 504 messages

there does seem to be an odd thing with the images downloads, I can’t get past that step of the sync process, it always hangs in one of the last images

not sure if this is related, but i also noticed our main project (rtzvtw2axQ7SgeniU8JFhT) is no longer cloneable due to an error

hey @chungwu, thanks for the help, here’s an update:
• Our project is cloneable again
• we’re still getting some issues when using the sync command on new projects, the images always seem to hang (no errors tho)

hi! could you upgrade to the latest @plasmicapp/cli and try again?