Ability to suspend artboards

It would be great if we could save art boards. Then we would be able to save memory space by putting them away with the ability to come back to them later. Right now, I have a few artboard open, because I like to have quick access to some designs that are not necessarily components. Or, I like to lay out a page with some basic concepts, maybe even a flow before I turn them into components or a page. If I have too many of them open my studio just drags to a crawl…and crashes every 5-10 min

You can “save” artboards in different custom arenas… As long as you don’t open them, they shouldn’t take up any significant memory

I will give it a try.

it seems like it has become worse. now the studio wont even load without crashing.


hmm are you seeing out of memory errors when it crashes on load?

It goes unresponsive and I have to wait. I wait and it crashes. This happens like every 5-10 min. Even when I have a low amount of artboards open.

Let me try again today because i separated my artboard

@quarrelsome_wren, we were experiencing the same issues. We tracked down some memory leaks, updated our host, and it’s been working well since.

Ah ok, thanks kindly chris. I will get on that and see what happens

I did a much needed spring cleaning. Removed extensions. Closed browsers, cleared caches, deleted large documents, upgraded my OS—makes a huge difference hahhaha. I was shocked to see how much memory a tab with airtable takes up….