Able to select Next.js App Directory when publishing to GitHub.

It’d be really swell if when going through the workflow for publishing to GitHub (either existing or new repo), there was a selection for Next.js for using App Directory instead of the Pages Directory. I am aware that there is still a solution being developed for prefetching query data that isn’t working with App the same way it did for Pages. But if there could be same way that at the Plasmic User level, we could be made aware of which plasmic pages are affected by this and only those pages revert to using the Pages Directory structure. It is my understanding that both Pages and App Directory are going to exist and be supported in Next.js for the forseeable future; so it’d be great if a majority of new Plasmic Next.js apps started out by using the App Router and then just used the Pages Router as a fallback.

Now that Next.js is out of the experimental phase; most other technologies have updated their tooling to the App Router, so it is becoming hard to follow other tutorials to do backend stuff using the Pages Router as the default.