Access denied for group component

When my compnent (menu button to activate visibility) with states is within aonther group , acces is denied, if it’s on the same level, it works, how come?

AccessDeniedAccess Denied0N8TN7BT41VZDTWDm9f5Tm5NianIDBiYD2UUJVo9tZkvKbvt/nKdOYH9MkNUjZzfK74vu30Xfr7A/GJXc1GyFnT1f/E=

You should be able to reference the state of that button even if it is not on the same level in the tree. The only restriction is that you cannot put it into a slot target, because anything inside of the slot Target is technically outside of this component and can be replaced by any instance of the component. Let me know if that makes sense, and if that’s the issue you were running into… If that wasn’t the issue, feel free to share your Plasmic project URL and we can take a closer look