Accessing currentItem in repeated component.

Is there a way to access currentItem in a repeated component for visibility settings? I can only access currentItem (or however you define its name in the to-be-repeated component) within Content property of a Text. What I would do is to conditionally show a component based on the repeated data (should be somewhat a dynamic blog that renders component based on what data is given, e.g. a text, a image, etc.)

The attached screenshots show the code context for (1) when used in visibility and (2) when used in content. Only within content I can access the current item.

Hey, @testy_echidna! Sorry, there seems to be a bug. I’ll fix it!

any updates on this bug? I’m facing a seemingly similar issue where a repeated component from a state variable array displays fine in plasmic studio but opening preview produces Error: currentItem is not defined
(project ID: 4uAWoKRzFBpz45kAUB3xXS)

@able_bandicoot we see the error, working on a fix

fyi, I resolved my issue by removing any dynamic value calls for currentItem on slots in my component
• Maybe an error message would help other novices not encounter the same issue?

yeah there was a currentItem reference in the slot default content. We need to prevent this case