Accessing GraphQL and HTTP API Fetcher error responses

I am actively using GraphQL and HTTP API Fetchers on the client (not an integration). I wonder how can I access error responses? Successful responses are provided to the children slot, but error responses are not. Does anyone have a clue how to access and handle errors?

Hi @georg_malahov , surfacing errors is indeed not currently supported by those components. That makes sense as a request, will relay it to the team.

@yang Thanks for your answer, really looking forward for this feature.

It looks like it is all about wrapping this line into a DataProvider providing an error response. Am I right? Is it used for both API and GraphQL Fetchers?

Can I use your guide and try to contribute with a PR? Should I create an issue for discussion or is it a trivial code change?

Yes absolutely contributions are welcome! And I do believe that that is all that’s needed there.

@yang Here is the PR [fetcher] Provide extended error data by georg-malahov · Pull Request #100 · plasmicapp/plasmic · GitHub.

I tried it locally in codegen mode and it works good. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to test the plasmic-query package in the loader mode, because it is simply not available in the local Studio until I manually register it in the plasmic-host component.

Is there anywhere an instruction on how to access and test plasmicpkgs in local Studio in loader mode?