Accessing object properties in Plasmic CMS

Hello! I’m trying to use Plasmic cms and integrating it into my Plasmic project… I have a model with an object that has a text property inside. ({title: "something", content: { paragraph: "text" } })I have been trying to access that property using the CMS Entry Field & CMS Entry value components (inside the CMS Data Fetcher) but I cannot select the property. I could access it using $ctx.plasmicCms inside a normal text component… but I’m not sure if this is the correct approach.
Which component should I use to access the properties of the object? And there is any page explaining each of the components of the Plasmic CMS, and the use case for using both CMS Entry Field & CMS Entry value ?

Hello @nice_termite. You are correct! CMS Entry Field only works for less complex types. For object, you should either use CMS Entry Value with dynamic value or just dynamic value. You can check our docs for the CMS here

Thank you!