Accessing slot values in interaction condition

Noob question: If I have a component called “Step” which has a slot for children and an onclick interaction that toggles a state, how can I reference the value of any of the children in an interaction condition?

Basically, I dont want the click interaction to run if the text of one of the children includes a certain value (like a certain html tag).

You can add a condition to any interaction step, to run it only when some condition is satisfied. And from within that condition, you can check the data for that text

I understand, but how do I check the data for that text?

How do I check if “Enter some text” contains “

” for example? I don’t know how to reference any of the “layers” or their values. I looked everywhere through the docs, forums, etc.

Oh, if you have a slot there then you cannot see what is the content past into the slot. You need to rely on whoever is instantiating the component to pass in a prop telling it whether to run the interaction / whether the content matches.

I saw how to link to a prop “upstream”, so from step to the main component, but it seems you’re saying a prop needs to be passed the other way - from the page to the component. How would I do that?