Adding any kind of integration

Hello to everyone.

I’m currently working in an E-commerce with Plasmic Studio only.

I need to put a bunch of integrations like Klaviyo, Google Tag Manager, Tidio, etc., and most of them need me to put a snippet on the HTML.

Does anyone know how to achieve that on Plasmic or is it even possible at all?

Hi @sergio_r, in the insert menu (keyboard shortcut Q), search for an Embed HTML component. It gives you option to paste in arbitrary HTML/CSS/JS.

Note for other readers, if you use an app host (i.e. not Plasmic hosting), it’s recommended to add integrations in your app host instead.

I don’t quite understand.

The Embed HTML component is just like any other component.

So, if I need any integration, where I have to put that HTML component? Because the majority of integrations need a global scope. If I put, for example, the HTML component in the footer, do I need to put the footer on every single page, right? And it will actually work? Because when Plasmic renders the website all component are wrapped in multiple layers of DIVs that I think will prevent JS code to be executed globally.

You can put the HTML component anywhere you’d like. If you want it on every page, we would recommend putting it on a global component such as a page wrapper component or header/footer component.

JS code in HTML is always “global”, no matter where it is in the HTML. Please give it a try!