Adding ARIA attributes for accessibility

Hi there :wave:. Is there a way to add aria attributes to components for accessibility?

@chungwu @yang something like this “custom attributes” feature would be a great solution for non-coders to achieve this in Plasmic, if it is not currently possible.

Yes absolutely – been meaning to do so!

That would be great! Is it on the roadmap? Is there a planned date for this feature?

Definitely on the roadmap, though no planned date yet. Maybe we can do something quick though for just the common ones – role, aria-role, aria-label, aria-labelledby, aria-describedby

Yes! Anything would help because accessibility is a major part of web and product design/development. :+1:

Plasmic can be a great way for designers to create functional prototypes for user testing early on in the design process, including accessibility with screen readers.

@chungwu Would it be easier to have a way to inject/apply custom attributes to any element trough an input field in the UI? The person writing the attribute would have to use the proper syntax, so Plasmic doesn’t have to provide a pre-existing list of attributes. I’m not a developer, so I may be oversimplifying it in my mind.

Hi @unfortunate_sloth, for now we’ve added support for the common aria attributes. Definitely a lot more to do here, but hope it’ll get you started!

Wow! This is already a huge step! Nice work! What about adding the title attribute to this list?

that’s actually what Hover text is :sweat_smile:

Ah ok, I did not realize it. Thank you.