Adding color/gradient/spacing props to code components

Hi there, I’ve been using code-components for a bit now. I think props should have also types like “color” or “gradient” and sizes kindof “spacing” type of param, for exampled used for width and height of a component or some kind of spacing used within the style of the component.

To clarify what you’re asking for:
• Are you asking about adding additional props to your code components? You should be able to add additional props via the registerComponent API in your app host

I would like to have an input of type “color” so tokens and hex colors could be picket more easly inthead of having to put the hex value in a text component. Am I missing this one?

Just to clarify I’m asking for more options to single props, you now have as PropType “string”, “boolean”, “number”, “slot”, or “choice”. I would like to have a size input and color input for passing to the native component the style tokens needed.

oh I see, you want to use style tokens. I’ll share this with the team. Thanks for the feedback!