Adding custom CSS to a mixin

Any way to add custom CSS to a mixin?

Hey Loe!
It’s not possible yet.

Though, if the idea is to use the mixing within the same page or component, a workaround for that would be to, on “Page data” or “Component data” tab, create a “state variable” typed as “object”, setting its initial value to be a json with the custom css you want (for example: { "backgroundColor": "red" } ). On Settings tab, where you have “HTML attributes”, you can add “style” attribute and use the state variable you’ve created as a dynamic value.

@wfp thank you for the suggestion. This would be for globally applicable style changes. The thing I was trying to do in this instance was to increase the spacing for the underline in links, and to have a shared value for it. I ended up hardcoding it in style attributes everywhere it is needed, but this is messy if we ever want to change it…