Adding field to Contentful plugin

@yang is there a possibility, to add an additional field on the contentful plugin?

curl -X GET “” \

the “include=1” allows us to get the nested properties one level deep. This can be a quick add, I imagine, but this will help make sure that for example on blog post, we can get the category content as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @heady_impala! Yes. I will add this option to our contentful plugin

Awesome @samuel also another question; the rich text fields from contentful, and other CMS platforms as well, returns a JSON with arrays of different items. Is there an easy way to be able ti display this on a page, inside of Plasmic Studio in the UI? And if not do you know of any approach that would involve some low code?

For our contentful plugin, we detect when the select field is a rich text object so you should be able to render it.