Adding new variants causes breakpoint variants to be ignored?

Hopefully user error but maybe not :shrug:. I’ve noticed if I have a component created that has breakpoint specifics (example: more columns/row in a flex box for desktop) then try to add a new variant (single-select, toggle, etc) the new variant does not recognize the breakpoint specific styles for the flex columns after making changes to an element in one of the flex columns.

example: my base (mobile) variant has 1 column/row and my desktop breakpoint variant has 2 column/row. each column has either text or an image. if I create a new variant and adjust the text and/or image then the desktop column/row setting is no longer respected on that variant

Strange, do you have a pointer to a specific instance of this or a minimal reproduction of the issue that we can dig into?

It should not be the case that adding a new variant causes the component or page to no longer respect responsive variants. Maybe what you are seeing is the editor artboards not respecting the responsive variants… Because by default the editor art boards ignore responsive breakpoints unless you explicitly add that variant to the artboard

yes slack you details!