Adding/showing dynamic blog content.

Hi everyone, I wanted to know if it is possible to

  1. add different meta title and description to different blog posts created using plasmic dynamic template without any code.
  2. how do i show related blog posts section in each blog post except the post on which user currently is.
    Thank you.

Hello @extraordinary_camel,

  1. You can use our Page Metadata Override component to get dynamic title/descriptions!
  2. You can use %ctx.pagePath to know what blog post you’re on and filter accordingly

@icaro Thank you, i have one question though while filtering the blog posts i am able to filter the post based on slug but i want this to not show on same page in related posts section. not able to carry out this.

Sorry, couldnt understand what you’re trying to do. Can you try explaning again?

@icaro Actually i am not able to carry out the second process to omit the same blog post in related blogs section on same blog post.

In a dynamic page, you also have the access value as the name of the dynamic value.
e.g: /foo/[slug] has access to $ctx.params.slug

@icaro A little help would be appreciated as i am a bit stuck here.
Thank you.

Can you DM me the details?