Adding videos to Plasmic Studio.

how can I add videos inside of plasmic studio?

Video: Plasmic - adding videos in plasmic pages (and som other problems)

@chungwu maybe you can help

At the moment it’s not a simple drag and drop operation since videos can be arbitrarily large, and hard to optimize - so you have to upload them to a file host.

However, one thing you can do is to use Plasmic CMS to host static files:

@yang I’m using the HTML Video component to display webm (also tried mp4) videos (which I host in cloudinary)

My problem is that most of the time, those videos aren’t playing at all.
And when they are they don’t play smoothly.

I haven’t been able to see a pattern for when they are playing and when they aren’t.
Please watch this video:
Video: Plasmic - HTML Video component not playing or not playing smoothly

Video: Plasmic - HTML Video component draining CPU

it is still draining, even when the component/page with the HTML Video is not open and a different component/page is open on Plasmic studio

@yang seen?

Hmm, I’m not sure - the video player is just the standard HTML5 video element shown here: