Affecting Plasmic state from Embed HTML component

Hey Plasmic Community!

:exclamation: Is there any way to affect the Plasmic state from the Embed HTML component? :exclamation:

not sure if it is applicable in plasmic case but you can communicate with the parent window from embedded html via iframe using zoid:

but there might be some plasmic way to do it which I don’t know

Pinging @samuel to help here.

Hey @fateful_wren!

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Why do you need to do it? Could you please describe your use case?

We have a form. The form should be possible to submit only if the user was created during the previous step which is async. It means we need to disable the button until we call the endpoint which confirms all data is in place and the form can be submitted. After that, we enable submit form button on the UI.