After deleting unused font from project, severe layout issues

@chungwu after deleting an unused monospace font from our “Design System” project, now both that project and our website project importing it have severe layout issues in the editor

  1. Editor in “Design System” – top fonts are too small – project “mrgn3VC2r6s7VB3wKPe7xp”, page “DS Fonts”
  2. Viewer in Design System – fonts look correct
  3. Editor in Website Project – font is too bold. Not sure if it is the correct font either … Project: “k5wi36LTCNmnJb5rh2sgis”, page “Home”
  4. Viewer in Website Project – correct font
    It looks like react-rendering works as expected. I have tried restarting plasmic

What I did:
• Deleted a monospace font token in Design System
• Then cleared the font family setting for Code and Pre in Design System
• Then imported into Website Project

deploying a fix :grimacing:

@chungwu how long does a deployment typically take? Did you confirm that this only applies to editor and not actual render?

Yup. Fix should be live now!

@chungwu thank you. Both issues I saw look fixed.