Airtable data query issue

Is this normal? :sweat_smile:
(I feel like it’s related to an Airtable data query/“onLoad” interaction with Airtable to increment and retrieve a page view count)

no… where do you see this?

This is a screenshot of the chrome devtools console on my deployed vercel production site :sweat_smile:
• project ID: 4uAWoKRzFBpz45kAUB3xXS

hmm do you see it consistently? I’m not seeing it at the moment…

Still seeing it every time :sweat_smile: (also on different production site: Perhaps my AirTable integration was set up wrong?

hmm I can’t seem to load

Tiago from Plasmic was also having trouble opening the site the first time
My client’s server must have some sort of firewall set up :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: