All routes showing 404

Hmmm another fun one….

My Next.js project stopped working locally and all routes now show a 404 :thinking_face:

Did the whole reboot thing, blew away node_modules, forced a plasmic sync, nada. Doesn’t happen for other devs, and my other plasmic project works fine. Any ideas?

Hmm try blowing away your .next/ folder

I did that already too :disappointed: No change

it doesn’t appear to be code related. Going back in time a few commits doesn’t affect anything

are you using codegen or loader? does a non-plasmic route work?

Loader. I don’t have any next.js routes that aren’t plasmic routes, but I’ll create one and try

K that didn’t work either. Next.js-only page still 404’s

I added a console.log call into the render method of [[…catchall]].tsx and it’s not getting hit

Update: a fresh clone of the repo seems to have fixed this. Very strange