Allow editor to add HTML Attributes to Code Component

Hi, I have been migrating the whole React Bootstrap over to Plasmic as Code Components and I am very impressed with how flexible and powerful Plasmic is.
While start using my Code Component, I realized that I could not add HTML Attributes to Code Component like how we can add HTML Attributes to Plasmic built in components like HBox, VBox…
Is there a built-in way to add HTML Attributes (attrs) to the Code Component today?
For example, with my React Bootstrap Button code component, it does not make sense for me to add a bunch of HTML Attributes props to it manually.


This isn’t yet possible today, the only thing that’s possible is to explicitly add the props you need to expose, but it’s a good suggestion that I’ll pass on to the product team.

Thanks for your reply, Yang. I really appreciate your quick response as usual. IMO, this is quite an important feature especially for Accessibility purpose