Allow showing overridden logic in Plasmic Studio

Is there any way to make my own components revert to a Studio components like any libraries that is already saved on Plasmic? I’ve created from local all the animation and states inside some components but I’d like to see it native on plasmic.

Hi @miniature_horse, are you saying that you are currently using codegen, and you have added some logic to the generated components, and you would like to see that logic render inside Plasmic Studio?

That’s a great suggestion. The closest thing is to use code components.

But let me know if you mean something different.

You took what I was saying. The major problem of building some logic render and only when publishing seeing is very annoying. As plasmic is a visual builder it should be very practical to see these logics as components.

One thing that could help that is the possibility to make some animations like Figma. The same way you click a component you create a logic to open another component in the moment of the click or make the animation.

Another way should be preparing a component and getting this in the API explorer to make these kind of changing.

I don’t know but these would be my opinion about this. What do you think?

Currently, if you are looking to inject some behavior onto your components, another thing you can consider is to write code components that are attached behaviors, like this

Then you can attach these to any design element, and you’ll be able to see the effects right in the Studio

This is a good thing. I’ll try this way, but I think that creating inside Plasmic could offer a better logic to the system.