Allow the same prop to drive multiple parts of a component

Any plans for allowing value substitution in components using meta-props?
• We have a component (see picture below) with 4 slots, for image, blog title, article title and blurb
• Currently authors make put an image-link in the image slot, and a link in the article title slot, because we want both of these to be clickable
• However this causes ADA issues, as we now have two links pointing to the same place, and aria-hidden does not properly fix it (as it cannot be applied to focusable elements)
• With meta-prop we could have users set the link url as a meta-prop, and the component could wrap the whole thing in a single tag, substituting in the meta prop for the tag location value


Ok, I found a way to do this. The documentation for “Create meta prop” is misleading, because you can add properties to drive funcdtionality, but you have to right-click the property you want to create it.

We are thinking of how to make this easier to discover