Ant Collapse is breaking while trying to build Plasmic fetched pages

Antd collapse appears to be breaking while trying to build plasmic fetched pages as well
I’ve isolated it to a test child page with an empty antd collapse it produces the following error while trying to build

> Build error occurred
Error: Export encountered errors on following paths:
        /[[...catchall]]: /de/foo
    at /.../next/dist/export/index.js:415:19

Yes, we are having this same Antd issue

On our non statically generated sites, the pages are failing

could you try this again please?

yes, working on our Hydrogen site. Checking our Next.js builds now

What was the issue?

Our bundler configuration was incorrectly importing antd modules when outputting in the commonjs format :confused:

We will be adding more automated tests for these components (it only happened to some and not all antd components)

Thanks @chungwu . :ok_hand:

@chungwu we’re still facing issues with it. Our site uses Antd collapsible component on 3 of our pages and those 3 error out and fail the build. (Next)

Can you republish the project and try again?

hi @chungwu Yes, it worked now. Thank you. What was the issue?

Just needed to publish again to pick up the antd fix

ok thank you