Ant components are hard to use

I had a play around with the antd components. The Select object was particularly troublesome.

The structure is a bit confusing tbh.

Hey @creative_swordtail. I think you need to add import 'antd/dist/antd.css' to your project to get the styles for the components

Just anywhere? In the plasmic-init.ts where I’m exporting the component? Or perhaps in plasmic-host.ts?

I can’t test because I keep getting:

wait  - compiling /plasmic-host (client and server)...
error Command failed with exit code 137.

Adding it to plasmic-init.ts should be enough

Hi Simon, can you share your plasmic-host / plasmic-init file, so that we can try to understand the error that you are receiving ?

I will try to nail it down a bit more. To fix it this time I did a yarn upgrade @plasmicapp/loader-nextjs and I could host again. Next time it happens, is there some debug flags you want me to pass through that might give you more info?

Including the css fixed up the view issues. (I also just noticed plasmic-init is included in plasmic-host, which helps me think through where things should live)

But it’s still a nightmare to try and use a drop down.

The placeholder text doesn’t show, and I can’t figure out how to actually edit the text of the Options:

Its kinda weird to edit the options text right now, the way to do it is to turn on the visible prop in the dropdown and then edit it directly in the canvas.